Chicago Paranormal Nights
Capone's Haunted Historic Location

The Irish Legend
8933 S. Archer Ave
Willow Springs, IL

(across the street from Willowbrook Ballroom)
The Irish Legend in Willow Springs, IL - haunted location private paranormal nights to exploreand experiencethelocation

A New Look - An Irish Country Pub

The Historic Haunted Capone Building and Woods
The Irish Legend Beer Garden
One thing remains the same, as those who
attend with Edward Shanahan find out,
. .
The Spirits Remain.

You Can Explore and Experience

A very special location documented by many from books to TV
shows, as being active with spirits. Once owned by the Al Capone
gang with a history of what went on at this location. Now it is here
for you to experience what may still linger in the building from
times past and in a way never done before.

A night of power, when the veil that separates our world
from the Other world will be attempted to be made thinner.

Both Public and Private Paranormal Nights Info
Public Paranormal Nights Your Private Paranormal Night

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Oct 16th 2010
Radio personality Andrew Finnigan and his crew from
KISS FM 103.5 joined Edward Shanahan for a Private
Paranormal Night. Here is a short video of some of it.

It is the location that Edward Shanahan's paranormal knowledge and
experiences in the place has been written about in three paranormal books
'Voices from The Chicago Graves' and 'Encyclopedia of Haunted Places'
and ' Chicago Haunts 3 ' .

Also it is the location a British TV crew filmed Ursula Bielski for her
historical knowledge and Edward Shanahan for his Paranormal Spirit
Feelings at the location. Edward has a long paranormal history with the
location and the surrounding areas, as he has lived his whole life within
five minutes of this paranormal active area.

You can read more about the location's paranormal history with Edward
Shanahan in a recent article he wrote for the National Examiner in the
Chicago's City Secrets section.

A bit of interesting history - is that the mobster gang Capone went after
on St. Valentine's Day in 1929, was the North Side Irish Mob that was
being run by George “Bugs” Moran.

One of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre victims and the brother-in-law
of George "Bugs" Moran was James Clark and the ghost Capone was
haunted by. While living at the Lexington Hotel, many times Capone’s
men would hear him begging for the spirit to leave him in peace.

Explore and Experience the Paranormal

Now this paranormal site known as 'The Irish Legend'
can be a location and night for you and your friends to
explore and experience.

Your night with family and friends would start with the
ordering of individual dinners / meals. During the time
of dinner, Edward will provide some brief Palm Readings plus fill the dinner time with paranormal
discussions about the surrounding area.

Following dinner Edward will provide a tour of the
building, including the brothel area and other areas
like the attic, known for their hauntings and you will
be allowed to explore areas. Also if weather permits,
an area that is very spiritual will be explored.

Then later all will gather in one of the areas of the
building and Edward Shanahan with his 'Circle of
Energy Seance', will attempt to have the Spirits of the
location or those Spirits that may join in, interact with
the individuals who attend your special and unique
paranormal night.

Individuals who sit at the 'Circle of Energy Seance'
table will be chosen fairly as done at past Seances by
Edward. The Spirits of your loved one's who passed
away, will decide who sits at the table.

Also bring an item of a love one who has passed away
(a watch, reading glasses, rings etc; that they wore and
picked up their energy), as Edward will allow the items
to be placed in front of him
during the seance and see
what may come about during the seance.

To Have A Paranormal Night
for you and your friends.

You and Your Friends can have your own private ..
paranormal, haunting entertaining night experience
or a unique location to host a Psychic Party.

* To keep the cost fair and affordable, so as to
not charge a large fee - it has been decided that:

Dinner / Meal will be at the menu prices for those
attending your entertaining paranormal night
experience, thus paying only for what the meal actually
costs for what they decide to have as a meal and
drinks. This will be paid directly to The Irish Legend's
waitress who services you. Edward Shanahan does not
handle any of the money for the dinner. All your guests
must attend the dinner gathering.

The Paranormal Experience Fee - will be only $20
for you and your friends - 10 min; Slightly higher for
6 to 9 individuals.

The fee includes all that Edward Shanahan will provide
you and your friends at the location for the entertaining
paranormal experience night as mentioned above.
.....** Does not include cost of meals and drinks**

You can reserve with a down payment and the difference to be paid at the door on the night .
that you book. Bring your cameras and
paranormal equipment if you have it. Also
some paranormal tools are provided.

Will accept Pay Pal and also Check / M.O. Reservations by Mail.
For more details and open dates
e-mail Edward Shanahan

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8/2009 Message from one of Chicago's Top Paranormal Authors:

I've worked with Ed Shanahan for the past three years, and I can
say that his last concern is profiting from anything. He is a lifelong
resident of the Bachelors Grove area and wants nothing but to open
people up to the possibilities of the paranormal. He's a great guy
and a true blue friend if ever I had one. He's doing a great job
informing people about the places dear to his heart, including
Bachelors Grove, the Humphrey House, the Scutt Mansion, and
others. It's a pleasure and honor for me to work with him.

Ms. Ursula Bielski - author of Chicago Haunts books
and owner of Chicago Haunting Tours.

Comments from those who have experienced
The Irish Legend and Edward Shanahan's Paranormal Nights.
Comment from Oct 2010 Private Paranormal Night at The Irish Legend in Willow Springs, IL
"I can't thank you enough for all of your help, expertise and the time you spent with me prior to
Saturday and of course the time you spent with all of us on Saturday night! The ride home consisted
of everyone trying to talk at once to say their favorite part! HaHa. We had a blast! Can't wait to do
it again."

Andrew Finnigan, Chicago radio personality KISS FM 103.5


Comment from Aug 2010 Private Paranormal Night at The Irish Legend in Willow Springs, IL " The
séance was very interesting! We got some EMF readings, the dowsing rods were very active and two
of the people in our group had some pretty intense feelings / experiences. I personally experienced
something in the back staircase and heard a breath while standing there alone. Jennifer had some
pretty intense feelings in the upstairs closet and we had a chance to do a short EVP session in one
of the bathrooms. During that time we were getting good EMF readings and it did feel as though
we weren't alone."

Laura DeMore


Comment from June 2010 Private Paranormal Night at The Irish Legend in Willow Springs, IL "Had a
great time last night at Stag's Head, Ed! I'm still in a bit in shock by the overwhelming feeling I had
in the closet of that last room. I couldn't control the strong physical and emotional feeling I had! The
first thing I did when I got home was grab my dog and check my bedroom closet!!"
Eileen Ryan


Comment from June 2010 - Private Paranormal Night and Seance at the haunted: The Irish Legend
in Willow Springs, IL "WOW is all I can say and to hell with attics (seance area). NO MORE attics
for me. Lex did not tell me while we were at the (seance), table but their was an orb on my left
shoulder the WHOLE TIME, hence the reason I felt like I was gonna pass out the whole time and
like someone was sucking the energy out of me the entire time."
Renee Jahnke


Comment from May 2010 - Public Paranormal Night and Seance at the haunted: The Irish Legend in
Willow Springs, IL "Our team had a wonderful time doing the investigation at Stags. We were all
very impressed with our mini readings, and commented how right on the head Ed was with all of us.
Great experience..thanks!"
Laura from SNAPIT (SuperNatural and Paranormal Investigation Team)


Comment from 2010 - Private Paranormal Night and Seance at the haunted: The Irish Legend
in Willow Springs, IL
"Thank you as well for giving us the opportunity to experience what we did on
Saturday.  We're all still talking about it.  I think everyone in the group was very intrigued and we
are all looing to get together and accompany you on some of your future tours, although none of us
think that we're "brave" enough to do an overnighter, just yet. LOL! " Claudi


Comment from 2010 - Private Paranormal Night and Seance at the haunted: The Irish Legend
in Willow Springs, IL "Everyone had such an amazing time!! You were the talk of the convention Sunday morning. :) Thank you so much! We're going to try and set this up again for next year!"


Comment from 2010 - Paranormal Night and Seance at the haunted: The Irish Legend in ......
Willow Springs, IL "Hello Edward, I was the girl sitting to your left at the seance. First of all, I had
an incredible evening. I mentioned to you after the seance that I organize tours in my town of
Rockford, Illinois. I have also traveled the country visiting haunted sites from St. Augustine to the
Whaley house in San Diego. I also need to mention that I have had "feelings" at some of these sites,
you know where the hairs stand up on the back of your neck? But really haven't had any experiences
to write about.
I can say with all honestly .. I got a little more than that. I am not sure if that night was just an

ordinary night for you. Do you usually get such a strong response? ...................................................
I want to repeat again that I have never experienced anything like this in my 10 years of traveling
to haunted places, working with psychics, and researching people's stories.

I am awed by this experience and even though I .work with a couple of psychics who I feel are
legitimate,.I was very impressed by your ability. I also hope that I might be able to communicate
.you to help me.understand what happened to me. I could feel the power of that group and
maybe it was
.just a fluke thing and it will never happen again. Or maybe you helped me tap into
something that didn't even knew existed
with in me.

Of course it would be my luck to tap into a man like the one last night. I couldn't have contacted
some little old lady who knitted

Thank you so much for an incredible evening. I am sure I will be attending more events in the
.Maybe you could visit somewhere a little tamer next time? (I am only half serious) ".

Sincerely, Kathi Kresol ( the above post is a portion of the whole letter )

Edward Shanahan is listed on
City Psychics - Chicago and Haunted America Tours 'Paranormal People'

Edward Shanahan on the TV show 'You and Me This Morning'
Doing his Seance at Haunted Scutt Mansion Oct. 27th / 2009
View it here

Hear The WGN Radio Broadcast of Chicago Now Radio
in 2010 with Edward Shanahan being an in studio guest.
WGN Radio - May 2010

Articles about Edward Shanahan:
# 1 Paranormal News Examiner
...# 2 Paranormal News Examiner..
Orland Park Prairie Newspaper.

Read the Oct. 2009 Newspaper article about Edward's Seance at
the Historic Haunted Humphrey House in Orland Pk, IL Click Here

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