Chicago Paranormal
Meet & Greet
Saturday August 20
th - 2011

1pm - 6pm or later

Held at the Historic Haunted Location

The Large Outdoor Picnic Grove
Chet's Melody Lounge
7400 Archer Road, Justice, IL 60458

Chet's is featured in the stories
associated with "Resurrection Mary"


It is known for it's own hauntings and part of
the Chicago's S.W. Suburb's most haunted area.

Chet's Melody Lounge and Picnic Grove
Part of the grove at Chet's Melody Lounge
the haunted Chet's Melody Lounge - Resurrection Mary

7400 Archer Road, Justice, IL 60458


This is a 'Free' Meet and Greet Event for those who
are Paranormal Investigators. For those involved in
Supernatural and Paranormal Field. For Authors,
Internet radio and TV shows, Bloggers etc.

Plus for those who have an interest in the
Paranormal and Supernatural.


Come out and enjoy this day of
~ Taking the Paranormal and Supernatural Seriously ~

Co-produced by:
Danielle Pitcher-Garrison, Edward Shanahan and Chet's Melody Lounge

* The producers retain the right as a group or individually to deny participation to anyone, if they feel for any reason it needs to be done before or during this event.

Paranormal Investigation Teams

Showcase your team for
free at the Meet and Greet.

Become a host for free.

Have something you want
to discuss or have a class

Hosting teams can compete for the C.P.M.G. Top 2011
Investigation Team Certificate.

For details on your team
being part of Chicago
Paranormal Meet and

For Details e-mail:
Edward Shanahan


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will not be hosting at the Chicago
Paranormal Meet and Greet.

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Dead Speak Radio with host Renee Graham and Phil Holman will be
interviewing individuals / teams for a future broadcast. SMP will be filming and
interviewing for their TV show "Paranormal Now". One Foot Out Of The Grave
with your hosts Jeff & Nancy Rezman will be broadcasting live and interviewing
individuals for the Paranormal TV Network.

Hosting Paranormal Investigation Teams for the
Saturday August 20th 2011
Chicago Paranormal Meet and Greet
Become one of them!

Crossroads Paranormal...Prairie State Paranormal ...S.N.A.P.I.T ..Chicago Paranormal Investigations

Forest City Paranormal Society.,,.Joliet Paranormal Society,,,Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators

Midway Paranormal Society ,,Paranormal Moms Society,,.Confidential Paranormal Investigators

Champaign Illinois Paranormal Society,, Judge Paranormal Research,,,Ghost Research Society

S.S.I.P , Regional Investigators of the Paranormal,, Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee,,MIPAC

S.A.U. Paranormal Investigations ..Southern Michigan Paranormal...Michigan Nightstalkers

Heartland Hauntings ..The Fort Wayne Shadow Chasers ...Chicago Paranormal Research

As of August 2011, the paranormal teams mentioned here have already signed up.

Your team can be showcased at the meet and greet for free - just e-mail for details: Edward Shanahan


Information - 2011 Chicago Paranormal Meet and Greet - Information

Enjoy the Experience

It is Free - Come out,
enjoy it and be part
of the experience.

Those you will be able
to meet and talk with.
Be part of the list.
List of
Hotels / Motels
in the area.

The Challenge
Paranormal Investigation Teams hosting
the Chicago Paranormal Meet and Greet
and how your team can also be a host.
How to be one.
Investigator's Challenge
Details Coming
Also being planned.
Plus maybe a
Paranormal Night

On Saturday August 20th 2011, the Chicago Paranormal Meet and Greet will
take place across the street from Resurrection Cemetery, the cemetery that is
the place of rest for Resurrection Mary.

The location is the historic haunted large picnic grove at:
Chet's Melody Lounge, at 7400 Archer Road, Justice, IL 60458.
Easy access from the expressways.

Start time 1pm and running until 6pm or later.

The meet and greet is free for all to participate, either as one with a table or as
one visiting on this day. Speakers are planned, possible classes, authors, owners
of haunted locations and much more, including of course, Paranormal
Investigation Teams, with some being a host for the 2011 Chicago Paranormal
Meet and Greet.

Also on this day, we are working on what will be fun and is being called the
'Paranormal Investigation Team Challenge'. The paranormal investigation team
that succeeds will win a certificate naming them the 'Top Chicago Paranormal
Meet and Greet 2011 Challenge Investigation Team'. Those that are a host will
be able to participate. Details for the challenge will be posted at a later date.

This event is co-produced by: Danielle Pitcher-Garrison and Edward Shanahan.

Danielle has run successful Paranormal Meet and Greets in the Indiana area
for a few years now, so the location may be new, but not the concept.

Danielle is also the co-founder of Crossroads Paranormal out of Indiana.

Edward has been written about in four different paranormal books by four
different authors with a fifth one coming out in 2012. He has lived all his life in
the Chicago land area's most haunted area, the Archer Avenue, Willow Springs
and Bachelor's Grove area. A Paranormal Host, entertaining Psychic Reader,
Medium who ends every one of his Chicago Paranormal Nights with a Seance.

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~ You will be able to Meet and Talk With ~
Confirmed so far

~ As of August 2011 ~

~ Authors ~

Amelia Cotter - Author of two books - This House: The True
Story of a Girl and a Ghost. And her new book - Maryland
Ghosts: Paranormal Encounters in the Free State.

Amelia Underwood - Author of the new novel (April 12th):
Dark Forgiveness.

Ursula Bielski - Author of the Chicago Haunts books and her new
book - There's Something Under the Bed: Children's Experiences
with the Paranormal.

Ray Johnson - Author of the book "Chicago's Haunt Detective"
coming out in July.

Jason Epple - Author of the books "The Macabre Box" and his
new one "ODDIVES".

Dale Kaczmarek - Author of 5 paranormal books, including
Windy City Ghosts and Windy City Ghosts 2.

Mike Kleen - Author of the books: "Tales of the Supernatural, The River of Rain, Tales of Coles County Illinois" and others.

Edward Shanahan - Author of 'Taking the Paranormal and
Spiritual World Seriously'.

~ Haunted Locations ~

Brianna Finn - Owner of The Morgan Cottage at Manteno
Insane Asylum.

Al Kelchner - Owner of the haunted Willow Creek Farm in
Shannon, IL.

Rich Prusinski - Owner of the haunted Chet's Melody Lounge.

Pam Warren - Owner of the Historic Hannah House,
Indianapolis, IN

Sunni - Oscar Swan Inn, Geneva, IL.

Bob & Violet - Seanator John Huphrey House, Orland Pk, IL

Richard Weiss - Peoria Asylum, Peoria, IL


~ Investigation Teams ~

Crossroads Paranormal - Investigation Team.

Prairie State Paranormal - Investigation Team.

S.N.A.P.I.T - SuperNatural and Paranormal Investigation Team.

Chicago Paranormal Investigations - Investigation Team.

Forest City Paranormal Society - Investigation Team.

Joliet Paranormal Society - Investigation Team.

Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators - Investigation Team

Midway Paranormal Society - Investigation Team

Paranormal Moms Society - Investigation Team

Confidential Paranormal Investigators - Investigation Team

Champaign Illinois Paranormal Society - Investigation Team

MIPAC - Investigation Team

Judge Paranormal Research - Investigation Team

Sixth Sense Indy Paranormal - Ivestigation Team

Ghost Research Society - Investigation Team

Regional Investigators of the Paranormal - Investigation Team

Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee - Investigation Team

S. A. U. Paranormal Investigations - Investigation Team

Southern Michigan Paranormal - Investigation Team

Michigan Nightstalkers - Investigation Team

Heartland Hauntings - Investigation Team

The Fort Wayne Shadow Chasers - Investigation Team

Chicago Paranormal Research - Investigation Team

~ Those of Interest ~

Renee Graham & Phil Holman - Hosts of Dead Speak Radio.

Laura Redmond - Paranormal Kicks Cancer. Fundraiser at
Manteno Insane Asylum the Morgan Cottage, Saturday Sept.

Kathi Kresol - Historian and Paranormal / Historic Tour
coordinator for Rockford Public Library.

Michael Esposito - EVP Specialist of Phantom Air Waves with
Heidi Harman

Laura & Greg Kimberly - Paranormal TV Network

Jeff & Nancy Rezman - One Foot Out Of The Grave, Internet
TV Broadcast

Co-Editors in Chief Jackie Hicks and Tina Lano - Indiana Paranormal Inquisitor Newspaper .


~ Psychic Readers ~

Annette - A Reader of Past Lives, Tarot and Runes.

Michelle - Aura Readings and Communicate with those that past.

Edward Shanahan - Only 1 1/2 hours during day, Readings of
items of loved ones that have past away and One on One
Psychometry Readings.

~ Event Coordinators ~

Danielle Pitcher-Garrison - This Meet and Greet event
co-producer and the co-founder of Crossroads Paranormal.

Edward Shanahan - This Meet and Greet event co-producer.
Written about in four paranormal books and a fifth coming out in
2012. Paranormal Host / Medium for Chicago Paranormal Nights
and much more.

Nichole Shanahan and Michelle Crosby - Both will be the M. C.
for this event. Both have accompanied and assisted Edward
Shanahan and Prairie State Paranormal at private haunted

Ronald Garrison and Steve Hyzny - both assisting in running this
Chicago Paranormal Meet and Greet.

* This is the list as of Aug; 2011 of those who have confirmed.
Become part of this growing list: just e-mail Edward Shanahan


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The line up of
Speakers - Discussions etc.

Michael Esposito (EVP Specialist), - Dale Kaczmarek (Paranormal Tools),
Sara Bowkere (Highly Sensitive People and the Paranormal) - Roger (EMF detectors and how they work) ...... e-mail: Edward Shanahan

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Also Planned

Ursula Bielski Ghost Tour during Meet & Greet - It will be Haunted Archer Avenue, starts at 3pm and only $10 per person. Second tour is possible if there
is interest.

Psychic Readers: Annette doing Past Lives, Tarot and Runes. - Michelle doing
Aura Readings and Communicate with those that past. - Edward Shanahan only
reading for 1 1/2 hours during day with Readings of items of loved ones that
have past away and One on One Psychometry Readings.

Follow Up to Meet & Greet at The Irish Legend in Willow Springs, IL (about 2
miles away)- to keep the day / night going, dinner or drinks and spending more
time talking the paranormal at the historic haunted one time Speakeasy.

Seance with Edward Shanahan to end the night for a limited amount of people
at The Irish Legend - Visit the web page Seance Aug 20th if interested in
participating in the Seance.

More Details soon - Sign up for the newsletter below to be kept informed.

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Local Ghost / Paranormal Tours in the area

Haunted Archer Avenue Tour
Excursions into The Unknown


Free Paranormal Ghost Tour at any time - Haunted Archer Avenue
* Free App with GPS tour to download - Chicago Haunted Archer Avenue Tour *

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List of Hotels and Motels near Justice, IL

A list of Hotels / Motels near The Chicago Meet and Greet in Justice, IL
can be seen at: Hotel Planner web page

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Sponsors Showcasing - The Chicago Paranormal Meet and Greet

Haunted America Tours,, Manteno Insane Asylum - The Morgan Cottage,,,The Irish Legend

Rockford Public Library Paranormal / History Tours ,,The Unexplained World Internet radio broadcast

Chet's Melody Lounge ,,Chicago Now: Chicago Paranormal & Spiritual ,,Chicago Paranormal Nights

The Examiner: Chicago Paranormal Examiner ...Extreme Vision Paranormal , Edward

Dark Forgiveness - the novel by Amelia Underwood ,.,TranZformation: A Center for Spirit,,,PTN

Quest Broadcasting Group, Inc.,,,Paranormal Kicks Cancer - Fundraiser ,.,The Unexplained World

Chicago Haunted Places - Examiner ,,, The Mother Ship Connection - AM 1050 radio and live on web

One Foot Out Of The Grave - Paranormal TV Network
..The Fort Wayne Shadow Chasers & Indiana

Paranormal Inquisitor Newspaper
...Chicago Paranormal Research ,, Peoria Asylum

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2011 Chicago Paranormal Meet and Greet

For details e-mail: Edward Shanahan

Haunted America Tours

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