Chicago Paranormal Nights
Chicago Paranormal Nights tours to explore and experience the paranormal

A night of power, when the veil that separates
our world from the other world will be attempted
to be made thinner. ~
Edward Shanahan................

Explore and Experience
Chicago Haunted Historic Locations

Edward Shanahan
Spirit Feeler, Medium, Psychic Reader, Channeling, Spiritualist
who has been written about in four different paranormal books.
Best Chicago Psychic 2012 award winner.


Public and Private
Paranormal Nights and Experience since 2003

Chicago Paranormal Nights 2013, allows you to experience
and explore the Chicago area's haunted historic locations
along with the spirits that have become another historic
part of these paranormal locations.

These are not bus ghost tours, but the ability to explore and
experience the haunted historic locations and the possibility
to experience the spirits that are within or surrounding the
historic site you would be visiting.

You can have your own ' Private Chicago Paranormal Night '
for just you and your friends or family at a haunted historic
landmark in the Chicago land area and includes a seance
with Edward Shanahan.

Plan on Chicago Paranormal Nights to run four hours with
most nights being longer and they end with a Seance. At
times there are overnight stays to explore and experience a
historic paranormal location.

A location that has become popular in 2013 because of the
activity and experiences with the Spirits and Edward

The location is the huge and one time Al Capone's Cullerton
Hotel in Chicago and an exclusive for just Edward

This haunted historic location that is said to have been a
Speakeasy and Brothel, it was part of Chicago's one time red
light area. It has been showcased on Chicago news
broadcasts and also the History Channel.

What will be the popular location for 2013? New locations,
over nights and more inside.

 Inside the Al Capone Cullerton Hotel
Inside the one time Al Capone
Cullerton Hotel in Chicago.

Haunted Senator John Humphrey House for Chicago Paranoraml Nights / Edward Shanahan
Haunted Senator John Humphrey House in Orland, Pk.

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We will visit areas where reported Ghosts are, in the state of IL. Haunted Chicago
paranormal ghost tours, for those who love the paranormal from the Chicago land area,
Wisconsin, MI, OH, Midwest and those who are traveling into the Chicago land area.
Your Paranormal guide will be Psychic Feeler out of the Chicago land area, Edward Shanahan.
along with those other Psychic Feelers that work with Shanahan will join him, and
the Worth Historical Museum and other historical societies. These will be entertaining,
informative ghost tours and experiences in the Chicago land area and beyond for you

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